So you want to put on an exhibition?

Mothership Studios offers two flexible DIY gallery spaces depending on your exhibition needs. We do not take commission from sales.

What’s included:

  • Gallery space, various plinths, track lighting
  • A minumum 4 day exhibition block, which includes time required to install and de-install your work
    Tools, nails, spac and white paint to install and de-install your work
  • Promotion on our Instagram page if desired
  • An optional opening night event coordinated with Mothership Studios staff (for an additional fee)
  • Parking on site

Your responsibility:

  • Install your artwork prior to the opening event
  • Organise catering and drinks for the opening if desired
  • Organise didactic and promotional material such as price lists, social media posts, room sheets, curatorial texts
  • Organise sales of works    
  • Organise people to mind the gallery during its opening hours
  • De-install and make good by the last date of the booking

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